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    There is a link on the Harvard Law School's website ( for information related to the Charles Hamilton Houston exhibit, but I am unable to access it. I am looking for information related to Charles Hamilton Houston, in particular his Sheldon Fellowship. This might be all the information LII has here:, but I wanted to be sure. I would like to see Houston's correspondence from 1923-1924 and/or his report on the Sheldon Fellowship.

    Thank you!

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    It looks as if that page you linked to above is what the LII has for Charles Hamilton Houston. It looks as if his Sheldon Fellowship report is in Harvard University's archives; you may want to try contacting them (contact info at ).


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      Funny story. This page is very, very old (in internet years, anyhow). It was done in conjunction with a special event/exhibit at the Harvard Law School Library in early 1999 and republished on our site because at the time HLSL had no way to host it. The special collections folks at Harvard library have an e-mail address ( ), and you could try to reach them that way.