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  • Charlotte
    started a topic Self-Represented Litigation Network

    Self-Represented Litigation Network

    Check out for resources, including research, forms, information about where to find libraries, and more!

    About SRLN, from their website:
    SRLN is a network of innovative lawyers, judges, court staff, legal technologists, librarians and other allied professionals who believe everyone deserves access to justice. We are working to transform the American legal system so that every person who faces a civil legal issue can get the legal help they need, understand court proceedings and get a decision on the merits. We accomplish this by advancing innovative, evidence-based access-oriented solutions such as comprehensive court and legal aid self-help services, simplified court rules and procedure, and integrated systems that efficiently and effectively connect people who need lawyers to lawyers.

  • Forstadt
    I borrowed a car from CarMax. They arranged the financing. There is now a default in monthly payments and by the end of this month there will be three monthly payments in arrears. The aggregate unpaid monthly payments will by then be @$2,600.00. There is about $24,000 owed on the indebtedness. The car, on a liquidation basis, might net @$18,000.

    The paperwork memorializing what happened is rather atrocious. The only paper work that I have is a "Simple Interest Vehicle Contract For Sale And Security Agreement" ("Agreement"). In the Agreement the car dealer is in various places denominated as the "Seller" or the "Creditor". The purchaser is denominated as being the "buyer". The paper work does not include a promissory note and the financing language in the Agreement is not signed by the Buyer. Indeed the Agreement is structured in such a way as to denominate the Car Dealer as the "Seller" and the financing language is not signed by the Buyer except in one place where the signature of the Buyer was as the for purposes the Notice of Rescission rights. There are blanks in the Agreement and there is nothing signed by or even identifying any assignee. The Agreement denominates the car dealer as a "Creditor" in two places and there is a blank line which was for the seller to sign, but there is no signature corresponding to that line where the "Seller" is identified. The blanks in the Agreement indicating that there was a Limited Endorsement are also unsigned.

    That language of the Agreement indicating that there was a guarantee without recourse by the Seller of the indebtedness was not signed.

    For 2+ years the Buyer paid monthly payments against the indebtedness in the amount of $610+ per month with interest recited in the Agreement as being 15.35%. The monies were paid to an entity identified as General Motors Financing ("GMF"). Neither GMF's name nor signature appears in the Agreement. The Buyer has posed several questions to GMF but they are stonewalling the Buyer. Indeed, they will not even indicate the source of their claimed right to the indebtedness.

    The Buyer was formerly an attorney, but due to health reasons had to leave the practice and convert his Nevada Attorney membership to an "inactive" status. Due to the degenerative health issues he has not been able to work in almost three years. His medical insurance was improperly terminated and the medical bills and and lack of income has drained all of his assets. His only source of income is social security retirement payments. He does not have the financial ability to hire an attorney. GMF, which refuses to contact the Buyer, is apparently going to repossess the family car on the 24th of this month.

    He does not have the ability to put together the paperwork for a TRO. The clock is about to strike midnight and he does not know what to do.
    The foregoing was to allow you to put into context the following question. In Nevada will/can/would the State's Attorney using TILA or any other theory intervene to protect consumer rights? If not is there any State or Federal official who might step to the plate. Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
    Matthew Forstadt
    (702) 869-9799.

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  • Fred

    The Legal Information Institute's Wex legal encyclopedia has an entry on divorce at that is a good starting point for researching the topic.

    The Self-Represented Litigation Network has a page at with links to self-help pages on state court websites; these are useful pages for people looking to represent themselves.

    Nolo, a legal self-help publisher, has a page at with links to information on divorce laws in each state. Nolo's How to Divorce page has several articles that will be helpful to someone looking for information on the topic.

    You may also want to see if your state's legal aid offices have a website with articles on how to divorce. For example, Virginia's legal aid offices have a website with several articles and forms on divorcing in the state at . There is a website called LawHelp that can help you find information on the legal aid offices in your state. LawHelp also has some guides to the legal system, including one on how to prepare for court, at .

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  • Gina
    How do I file a lawsuit against my ex 23 years, he told me and we lived as married, he said he took all our money so I couldn't sue for it, I only want whats fair.. A lot more assets that I knew about? Can't find a lawyer w/o money How can I get help? Find laws?

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