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How to Modify Rules Within Title 49 CFR

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  • How to Modify Rules Within Title 49 CFR

    I have a patent pending which will unquestionably make driving cars much safer in parking lots!

    However, in order to get it implemented, I’ll have to get NHTSA to modify its rules for motor vehicle backup lighting. Now, I know that changing NHTSA rules is considered a “Big Deal” or "Extremely Unlikely", but if we want to increase vehicular safety, something’s got to give – why not update a rule? - So, please let me have the phone number and/or email address of someone who can help me in this matter. – Thank you, Bob DeCote

    Specifically, I believe I have to get something within Title 49 of the CFR modified, but how?

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    Bob: In order to view proposed changes to regulations in Title 49, you can go to, which has extensive materials on what you're (probably) looking for in its "Aerospace and Technology" category. This is the official government website for the regulations, and it allows public comment on all upcoming rules or proposed changes to existing regulations. These really can make an impact.

    If you don't find it there, the DOT's section of the Federal Register can also be a good place to look. -KB


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      And for more information, you can always visit the NHTSA website, which has contact information:
      Likewise, if you run a search on their site (I did one for <motor vehicle backup lighting>), you are likely to get a list of results, some of which should contain a table of pending or enacted rules with links that might say "request for comments." If you find the rule that applies to your situation, go for it!