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New York State low speed limited use "motorcycle" Requirements.

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  • New York State low speed limited use "motorcycle" Requirements.

    I had 2 quick questions regarding this.

    federal motor vehicle safety standard 500 (49 CFR 571.500)
    In this it talks about low speed vehicles and what seems to be referring to only cars .is there another standard for mopeds or motorcycles? On the NYS DMV website it seems to distinguish the two. Also on the DMV website it talks about a class a, b, and c registration depending on the max speed of the vehicle. However in this passage from this website it says that low speed vehicles are classified soley by the max speed of 25mph. Is it that the 25mph is once again referring only to 4 wheel vehicles like cars, etc. and the 3 classes applies only to mopeds/motorcycles? Any help and clarification you can give me is greatly appreciated. The reason for my inquiry is I plan on registering a custom made moped. However I want it to be a low speed class C limited use moped. So I want to make sure any and all requirements are met for when I bring it to be inspected by the DMV. Thank you again for your help .