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Defining Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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  • Defining Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    This is one term that has gone under such generalization that most employees no longer know exactly what to term as sexual harassment in the workplace. Well, let’s go back to the basics and see exactly what this term entails.

    Definition of sexual harassment

    By simple definition, sexual harassment in the workplace is any level of maltreatment based on your sex in order for you to keep your position, earn a promotion or benefits. This may also be defined in a less direct way, where it could define mistreatment based on gender where the employers or seniors deny access to promotions, opportunities and so on simply because you are female.

    What can the law do about in case of sexual harassment?

    When you are sexually harassed in the workplace, there is a defense you can use. For starters, before even thinking of filing a suit, find yourself a great labor lawyer. They will be in a position to help you gather enough evidence to prove that sexual harassment did indeed occur. Note: it is possible to file a suit even when there has only been one incident of sexual harassment, though a pattern could be more efficient once established.