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Do You Need A Wrongful Termination Attorney?

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  • Do You Need A Wrongful Termination Attorney?

    If you believe you have been terminated from your job unlawfully, you need to claim for wrongful termination against your former employer, even if you were terminated "for the cause." This is because bringing a wrongful termination action is very complex and challenging. It involves complicated legal proceedings, so it is best to consult with wrongful termination attorneys before filing a claim. However, an attorney considers a number of facts when analyzing any wrongful termination case. This is important to find out more information needed to prove the claim, despite the employee being fired for cause or for no reason. Here are some considerations for an unlawful termination: Employment Contract If you were employed under an employment contract, your employer can't fire you for a reason not included in the contract. If so, they can be held against the charges. Employer Policy Your attorney will also determine with you whether your employer had a discipline policy that you may have breached. If not, they cannot fire you without any notice. Evidence When evaluating your case, your attorney reviews any available employer documentation, referring to the reasons for your termination. If all goes in your favor, you will surely win your case.