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  • Whistleblower Defined/Permissions

    Does protection under Whistleblower law (15 U.S. Code 2087) permit an individual to dig for information as an investigator would, especially into secure areas whether digital or real, of which the individual's duties and security clearance have no association? E.g. someone told me such-n such so since I have access to those files, I'm going to dig and see what I can find.

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    While I was unable to find a definitive answer to your question, I was able to find an article with the title "An Overview of U.S. Whistleblowing Law," written by a law professor in late 2013; the law was last amended in 2008, so the article includes real world examples. The article might provide some kind of useful information for your inquiry, and if I am able to find anything else that might provide more information, I will be sure to post it here.

    The article I mention is available from SSRN. Downloading the article might require you to create an account, but creating an account is free and pretty simple.


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      There's a Congressional Research Service report on Whistleblower protections here: