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What's the difference between laws and regulations?

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  • What's the difference between laws and regulations?

    Congress drafts and votes on bills. Successful ones are presented to the President and become laws when signed. They are, eventually, codified in the organized collection of our nation's laws known as the United States Code. But much of what we think of us "federal law" is not found in the United States Code.

    Many laws authorize various federal agencies, all organized under the Executive Branch of our government, to decide on, promulgate, and enforce various forms of regulations. These regulations are published in the Federal Register as the Code of Federal Regulations. Most aspects of daily life in America--whether driving on a highway or shopping at the grocery store--are impacted in ways large and small by regulations.

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    Do laws have to vary with jurisdiction ?


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      Hi. You need only post your question in one place, and it will be answered. Since you posted this exact question in another forum, I would direct you to that post for the answer.


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        There is no mandate that says that they "have to" vary, but most often they do differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.


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          Wish we had US legal system in my country.