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When to hire a lawyer

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  • When to hire a lawyer

    Like dentists, plumbers, or auto mechanics, lawyers can be expensive. But just like you don't fix your teeth, your sink, or your car if you lack the expertise, you shouldn't assume that a website like ours will have all the answers you need if what you really need is a legal professional.

    Through partnerships with friends, we can help you get started. For example, you will find legal forms and documents from Rocket Lawyer. You can also consult our Lawyer Directory, powered by Justia. What we're especially hoping our site will do for you is to give you a grounding in the laws and legal concepts that shape government, economy, culture--pretty much everything.

    Your community may well have resources you should look into, also. Many cities offer pathways to discounted legal services for those who are eligible, and libraries can be a good source for help and information. If you live a near law school, the law library may be open to the public, or there may be clinics or other outward-facing programs at the school.
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