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IT: detection of procedural mistakes in Laws texts

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  • IT: detection of procedural mistakes in Laws texts

    To a large extent the quality of a Procedure depends on the quality of its description as an Algorithm (Process). We developed IT for text Procedures verification of logical connection and completeness and applied it to the texts of Laws that describe the branching Processes. The result is: from the viewpoint of the description of Processes in the texts of the Laws of Ukraine and Russia, Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament and the rules of the European Court of Human Rights are found mistakes and questions. Experience shows that almost all such texts contain mistakes. This is confirmed, for example, by changes (new logical conditions) introduced in paragraph 5 of Rules 17 of the Supreme Court of the United States in the version of 2013 compared to the 1980 edition.
    Reasons of mistakes: the peculiarities of human perception and information processing do not enable a complete estimation of the Procedures presented in text form for their logical coherence and completeness.
    What do you think about it?