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    I have a suggestion for the routine email send by LII. For the most part, there are two flavors of mail. One contains previews and the other contains Court decisions. It would be helpful to recipients if previews were marked as PREVIEWS in the subject line. And if the subject line for decisions said how many decisions (or summaries) were included in the message. In the past, both of these practices were routine.

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    Hi, BobbyLaw. Thank you for your feedback. I cannot speak to the past, but I reviewed all of my saved emails blasts from the LII (going back about one year), and I noticed that the subject lines of the emails containing the previews of upcoming oral arguments all begin with "Supreme Court Previews for the week of [date]" or "Supreme Court Preview for [date]," and the subject lines of the emails containing the Court decisions all begin with "Supreme Court Bulletin for [date]."

    Still, I will make sure to pass your message along. Thanks, again.