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  • Spotted a Typo

    First, this is a lot of trouble just to notify you guys of a typo, but here it is.

    On this page, regarding the definition of "natural born citizen," you have a typo. The page is here:

    And the typo is in the first sentence, which reads: A natural-born citizen refers to someone was was a U.S. citizen at birth, and did not need to go through a naturalization proceeding later in life.

    "...was was..."?

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    Thank you for reporting this typo. It has been fixed.


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      Originally posted by Charlotte View Post
      Thank you for reporting this typo. It has been fixed.
      You're welcome. Though I have to say, all I wanted to do is notify you of the typo, but when I got to this forum, it became necessary to create an account and wait several days to post this message so I could notify you.

      I often use your site to explain legal terms to people, but I had to wait for this typo to be fixed before I could use it. (Give someone an opportunity, however small, to misinterpret something or dismiss a legitimate source as invalid, and they will take it every time.)

      It just seems a lot of unnecessary hassle. Don't you guys have email or some other more expedient method to notify you should we spot errors?


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        Thanks for your feedback. I will pass it on to the LII team for consideration.


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          Typo found on the Loving v. Virginia page ( in the second paragraph regarding the date that the couple pleaded guilty to an indictment issued from the Circuit Court of Carolina County ("January 6, 199").


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            Thanks for letting us know! I will pass this note along.


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              There is a typo in an FR citation (and its link) on the page for "42 CFR ยง 447.10" (

              The FR citation that reads "84 FR 19728" and its link should instead be for "84 FR 19718" and the link should therefore be (



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                Thank you for letting us know. The text on our CFR pages come from XML files produced and published by our federal government, and may not be able to be manually edited in the event of one character being off, such as in this case. Please see the attached image, as the same section on shows the same error in its source information, as it uses the same XML files. Fortunately, while the one character might be off, the resulting link still takes you to the proper page in the Federal Register. In any event, I will pass this message along.